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Meet Lucy & Ricky

Ricky & Lucy cropped 500px My two loving companions. Although they are twins, they are distinctly different. Lucy is very calm and relaxed, while Ricky is the hyperactive one, always bringing me his red ball to toss to him, or obsessively squeaking one of his toys. But when I’m on the sofa to read, it’s a toss-up as to which one ends up with a head in my lap.



I made my bones as an advertising copywriter. My TV, radio and print ads have amused millions of people and helped sell tons of cleaning products, coffee, macadamia nuts and other goodies. But I prefer that other kind of fiction: short stories and novels. My first published novel, Mindclone, is a near-future look at the amusing and serious consequences of brain-uploading. It’s garnered mostly five star reviews. The sequel is percolating in my brain even now. Stay tuned.

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