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Let me introduce myself…

cropped-library-wall-12.jpgMy first blog post. I hope to reach out to readers interested in science fiction and the science behind it. I’ll also be posting comments about the writing process as I’ve experienced it and as I work on new fiction. This should interest other writers as well as my readers.

I’ve collected many articles about brain science, Artificial Intelligence and related subjects, and will be posting some of them here shortly, along with a list of the books I read as background for writing Mindclone, my first published novel. AI, you may have noticed, has become a very hot topic. For purposes of discussion, there are basically two paths to achieve Artificial Intelligence: brute-strength programming, or via brain scanning.

For Mindclone, I chose the latter approach. Even within that version, there are many choices: the current state of the art involves the extraction and treatment of the brain–freezing or plasticizing it–then slicing it or exposing layers in microscopic increments, scanning each layer, then assembling the result in a 3-D simulation of the whole brain in a computer. This has been accomplished with segments of brains of test animals, but I am not aware of any lab attempting to do this with a human brain. In Mindclone, I took the scientific liberty of using a non-destructive live-scanning technique, so that the “donor” would be unharmed, and be able to interact with the resulting Mindclone.

To me, that was the heart of the story.

Just to start with a personal note, I’m sitting in my library with Ricky and Lucy, my two golden retrievers nearby. They’re waiting for me to stop typing and start playing with them.

Ricky & Lucy cropped 300px    Dave on Wall--cropped-square

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I made my bones as an advertising copywriter. My TV, radio and print ads have amused millions of people and helped sell tons of cleaning products, coffee, macadamia nuts and other goodies. But I prefer that other kind of fiction: short stories and novels. My first published novel, Mindclone, is a near-future look at the amusing and serious consequences of brain-uploading. It’s garnered mostly five star reviews. The sequel is percolating in my brain even now. Stay tuned.


  1. Larry Wei says

    Hello Mr Wolf, great blog! I was your neighbor growing up in San Carlos and going to school with Lori. You have a wonderful, bright and beautiful daughter. I look forward to reading your blog and I’m going to look into your book ‘Mindclone’.

    Larry Wei


  2. Larry Gilmour says

    Very slick Dave, nice job!
    Your library looks very old world – I mean for a guy writing about the new world, but I like it as
    I am more old world/funky world.

    Larry G.


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