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Agent Janet Reid’s Blog

shark!!Literary agents are a vast and mysterious sub-species that many writers worship from afar. Some writers apply all sorts of ju-ju in hopes of winning their favor, their attention and their representation. Fortunately, one of these Gods has swum down from Mount Olympus to provide a dose of reality to us supplicants. Her name is Janet Reid, and she has a daily blog that’s filled with candor, tart humor, wisdom and sage advice. She also dishes up the occasional contest and query critique. I follow her blog every day. If you’re serious about writing, you should, too. Here’s the link you need:   http://jetreidliterary.blogspot.com/

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I made my bones as an advertising copywriter. My TV, radio and print ads have amused millions of people and helped sell tons of cleaning products, coffee, macadamia nuts and other goodies. But I prefer that other kind of fiction: short stories and novels. My first published novel, Mindclone, is a near-future look at the amusing and serious consequences of brain-uploading. It’s garnered mostly five star reviews. The sequel is percolating in my brain even now. Stay tuned.

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