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An android walks into a church…

That’s the basic “what-if” of my newest short story, called A Disturbance in the Church. The way the idea came about was through a discussion thread about Artificial Intelligence on the LinkedIn site. Several people were posting comments about the various ramifications of AI, when one person expressed the view that no logical entity would ever have religious feelings, implying that the two were incompatible. This notion tickled my funny-bone, and I commented that a story about such an event would be a perfect medium for satire. The original commenter said he would definitely read such a story. So I wrote it. It’s now available on Amazon, and the audio version will be out before mid-May, 2015. If you’re curious, you can go to the Amazon page and read some very nice reviews. Here’s the link: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00WH6DQK6


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I made my bones as an advertising copywriter. My TV, radio and print ads have amused millions of people and helped sell tons of cleaning products, coffee, macadamia nuts and other goodies. But I prefer that other kind of fiction: short stories and novels. My first published novel, Mindclone, is a near-future look at the amusing and serious consequences of brain-uploading. It’s garnered mostly five star reviews. The sequel is percolating in my brain even now. Stay tuned.

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