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SYNTHETIC CONSCIOUSNESS: The construction of conscious machines can begin

NOTE: The information in this post comes directly from the author, Jean E. Tardy. The editors cannot vouch for the claims made by the author. As with any such claims, please use your own judgment.

The construction of conscious machines can begin

The Meca Sapiens Blueprint, a System Architecture to build  conscious machines is now available. The architecture is complete and ready for implementation. The Blueprint was created by Jean E. Tardy. Its content is unique and entirely original.

The Blueprint is not an essay, it is a concrete technical manual based on standard techniques and intended for use in design and development. However, its content can be understood by any informed layman.

Using the Blueprint, a development team can transform a conventional computer, even a tablet, into a synthetic conscious being. A system based on the Meca Sapiens Blueprint will be a unique and autonomous entity that is self-aware and capable of intentional mutation. It will interact with humans as an independent and self-directed being.

The first prototypes derived from The Meca Sapiens Blueprint will be extremely convincing. After a few years of development, no one will doubt that machines can be as conscious as humans.

This will signal the beginning of a new Era.


The Meca Sapiens Blueprint was released in October 2015. Upon release,  advance copies were disseminated to researchers, developers and others, worldwide, to raise interest and begin implementation.


For more information, and to watch a short video of the author explaining his concept, please use this link:



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