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Researchers uncover algorithm which may solve human intelligence


By for Between the Lines | November 29, 2016

If we have the algorithm, we also have the key to true artificial intelligence.



I made my bones as an advertising copywriter. My TV, radio and print ads have amused millions of people and helped sell tons of cleaning products, coffee, macadamia nuts and other goodies. But I prefer that other kind of fiction: short stories and novels. My first published novel, Mindclone, is a near-future look at the amusing and serious consequences of brain-uploading. It’s garnered mostly five star reviews. The sequel is percolating in my brain even now. Stay tuned.


  1. Thank you for sharing this. It is intriguing to think of an algorithms as the basis for thought much less awareness. It has been over 30 years since I built any algorithms. While I used to add variety in the outcome of algorithms by adding Monte Carlo or random number decision points, it seems to me that the key to machine intelligence is when a piece of software generates perturbations that are not written into in. And then, it is not so much that the software would do so regularly, but choose to repeat some and not others. So, after innovation, the software would need to develop a preference for some outsources over others. Then you are at the proverbial tip of the iceberg of intelligence.
    Warmest regards, Ed


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